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Our Mission

EyesOnYouth aims to amplify the voices of youth while spreading awareness about important global issues! For youth, by youth, we hope to inspire, educate and connect youth from all over the world to talk about the issues that truly matter to them.

Who We Are

Founded amidst the global pandemic of 2020, we are an international youth-led nonprofit organization aiming to achieve our mission through the creation of our digital magazines, events and interviews. 

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What We Do

We mainly create magazines, each with a theme, but, we also initiate events and interview influential people to augment our impact. 

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What Makes Us Different

We focus on a variety of issues.

Our initiative raises awareness of a variety of issues to provide a voice for more youth. This in turn has allowed us a plethora of opportunities to create more events for youth to take part in and create content all youth can relate to.

There is always an  opportunity available

We understand how hard it is to find opportunities to express yourself and take part in something you are truly passionate about. Therefore, we will always have at least one opportunity for you to take part in.

Fast Response Time

We don't want to be one of those organizations that you apply to and have to nervously wait for weeks on no response. if you submit a piece or contact us, we will get back to you within 3 business days.


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Check Out Our Reviews

"I’ve had such great time on the EyesOnYouth team — I’ve been able to explore and write about issues that matter to me. I’ve also been inspired by the incredible work of my peers; I think that it is so important for young people to get involved in media, and be involved in the creation of the narratives that drive our world. I would highly recommend writing/creating for EyesOnYouth."

- Sabrina Parker, Writer

"The EyesOnYouth Organization was the perfect way for me to voice my opinion on pressing matters in the world. A goal of mine was to make people step back and take a second look at the world around them. My main focus was to shed a light on the voices that tend to get overshadowed. I’m very thankful to be a part of such a wonderful project!"

- Alex Rodriguez, Writer

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Act as if you do make a difference. It does

-William James

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